Dental Bonding

If you have some small defects in some of your teeth that you'd like to fix, tooth bonding could be the answer. It's a quick and painless way of fixing:

• Small chips
• Stains and spots
• Small gaps between teeth
• Slightly crooked or misaligned teeth
• Cavities in front teeth

If your teeth are severely misaligned or crooked, orthodontic work would be needed, such as Invisalign. Bonding is a good procedure for repairing minor misalignment, and for covering small defects rather than larger ones.

What is dental bonding?

It's a white-colored resin substance with similarities to putty. It can be shaped very precisely to fill that small chip, or to slightly reshape a tooth that's a bit out of alignment so that it looks straight and even. It lacks the pearly sheen that dental porcelain has, because it's not a brittle, translucent substance. It looks more opaque, but it comes in many shades of white.

Dr. Matin would choose a shade of bonding that matches your natural teeth very closely. She could use it to fill a small gap between teeth by slightly enlarging each of those teeth towards the gap. There'd be no border line visible between your tooth enamel and the tooth bonding.

Anesthetic is seldom required for a tooth bonding procedure. After the bonding is shaped so that both you and Dr. Matin are pleased with it, she'll harden it with a special curing light, and it will then be part of your tooth.

Unlike some other cosmetic dental procedures , bonding can be completed in one office visit, as it does not require any mold or impression to be made. Bonding is fast, painless and relatively inexpensive.

Frequently Asked Tooth Bonding Questions

A qualified cosmetic dentist like Dr. Matin can tell you if teeth bonding can address your individual dental issues. She has had 15 years experience with it and is expert at the subtle shaping that will so nicely enhance your smile. Contact Dr. Matin today to schedule your initial consultation for teeth bonding.

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