Oral Cancer

With all the medical progress we have made in cancer treatment, oral cancer is one of the few types that haven't had a reduced mortality in over 30 years. In fact- the number of North Americans developing oral cancer is 3X the number that develops cervical cancer. Oral cancer kills one person every hour, 24 hours a day in the U.S. alone! Of over 34,000 newly diagnosed individuals, only half will be alive in 5 years.

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However, the cancer is not inherently more lethal than other forms, its mortality rate is so high only because the cancer is often discovered very late. If oral cancer is caught early, 90% of cases are curable. Although the cancer is generally painless in its early stages, there are some signs that may hint at its presence. The cancer may appear as a red or white patch of tissue. It may look like a cancer sore. There may be a lump or mass inside the mouth or neck, pain swallowing, speaking or chewing, numbness in the face, or even a unilateral persistent earache. In fact, because the cancer can mimic so many common benign tissue changes in your mouth, it is recommended that you see us if you have any sore or discolored area in your mouth which does not heal in 14 days. Only your doctor or dentist can successfully diagnose the cancer, and to increase our ability to diagnose we have recently purchased the state-of-the-art VELscope Oral Cancer Screening System .

In the past, risk factors associated with oral cancer were:

• Over the age of 40
• Tobacco use
• Alcohol consumption
• Persistent viral infection, including the human papilloma virus (HPV)
• Have a family history of cancer

These risk factors are often multiplicative, so that people who both use tobacco and consume alcohol in significant quantities have a 15 times greater risk for developing the cancer than others.
However, in the past 3 decades, there has been a 60% increase in oral cancer in adults under 40 years old- 25% of which do not fit the high-risk profile. More and more, oral cancer is striking younger people who don't use tobacco or abuse alcohol, meaning it is vital that everyone receives regular oral cancer screening.
For comprehensive information on the diagnosis, treatment, and progression of oral cancer, see the website of the Oral Cancer Foundation .

At the office of Laura L. Matin, D.D.S , in Portland, Oregon, we are committed to full-body health through dentistry. By creating awareness and promoting early discovery and diagnosis of oral cancer, we hope to reduce the mortality of oral cancer, which is projected to grow 11% in the US this year. Contact us today to schedule your next examination and receive oral cancer screening .

VELscope Oral Cancer Screening System
To help protect you from the lethal effects of undiagnosed oral cancer, our practice has purchased a state-of-the art device called the VELscope Oral Cancer Screening System , manufactured by LED Medical Diagnostics, Inc. Along with our conventional oral screening exam, we can use the VELscope to literally see beneath the surface to detect potentially dangerous growths we might have otherwise missed.

The VELscope utilizes the natural phenomenon of tissue fluorescence, the emission of light by healthy tissue, to locate suspect tissue that would otherwise be invisible. The VELscope system consists of a light source, a light guide, and a viewing handpiece. It emits a safe, visible, blue light into the mouth, which excites healthy mucous tissue to fluoresce an apple-green color.

Since most pre-malignant cancerous changes start below the surface, they are often not apparent to the eye until they progress to the surface. However, as soon as these changes occur, they disrupt the fluorescent ability of the tissue, making their presence known early on. According to clinical studies, the VELscope system detects 98% of tumors and pre-tumors.
The VELscope exam takes about two minutes, involves no pain or inconvenience, is completely safe, and can be done as part of a regular hygiene check-up. There is an additional charge, but your insurance company might cover the cost of this preventive procedure.

The overall 5-year survival rate for Oral Cancer]]] is 52%, but if it is diagnosed early, the survival rate increases to almost 90%. Early detection can also reduce the severity of oral cancer treatment which can include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and biologically targeted therapy.

You can find more information on the specifications of the system at LED Medical Diagnostics' VELscope pages . In addition, the Oral Cancer Foundation provides detailed and comprehensive information about oral cancer, including methods of diagnosis used before, after, and in addition to the VELscope screening.
At the office of Laura L. Matin, D.D.S, in Portland, Oregon, we are committed to saving lives through creating awareness, discovery, and diagnosis of oral cancer. Contact us today to schedule your next examination and receive oral cancer screening.

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